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IT Challenges

Monitor and Auditing

•Endpoints outside corporate network

•Applications behavior and network traffic correlation

Management and Control

•Multiple and complex tools with internal systems dependency

•Devices’ configuration for remote users


•Mitigate security threats on the spot (Zero Day Attack)

•Enforce information protection for remote users

Visibility and troubleshooting

•Deep visibility and network devices insights

•Troubleshooting by guessing


•Pay a Fortune or lose control

Control, monitor, and protect endpoints
Reduce attack surface & mitigate security threats on spot
Better operational insights for better service
Reduce cost by monitoring and controlling  all printing activities
One console does it all with no need for multiple tools and vendors
Features List
  • Collect inventory (hardware and software)

  • Collect startup items and services

  • Collect machine info like (name, uptime, reboot required status, all assigned IPs, OS version/type, last seen, last login by, domain name if any, PC model, memory, CPU, HD, ...)

  • Collect launched executables compilation name/path per user

  • Collect OS & 3rd parties updates

  • Collect software license count

  • Monitor network devices using SNMP traps receiver

  • Monitor network devices by pulling traffic statistics (Cisco , F5, Palo Alto, ForcePoint).

  • Build network topology including devices to network devices connectivity tracking

  • Monitor network traffic (total traffic and average of latency per process)

  • Monitor print jobs by user, file name, number of pages, page size, and color

  • Monitor machine performance (CPU, memory, and disk utilization per process)

  • Collect Errors on Managed PCs and inspect cause of error

  • Built-in general reports and real-time dashboards

  • Correlating machine performance insights with network traffic insights

  • PC categorization using tags

  • PC finder to find any PC with specific configuration (Hardware/software)

  • Tracking file operations

  • User behavior analytics

  • Interactive ToDo list for administrators based on collected insights 

  • Backup PCs to cloud storage

  • Create/Delete/Update registry keys

  • Run executables, commands, and scripts (PowerShell/VBS/Batch) remotely on managed PCs

  • Terminate process/executable on managed PCs

  • Download a file to managed PCs

  • Start OS update cycle on managed PCs

  • Stop/Start/Restart services on managed PCs

  • Reboot/Shutdown managed PCs

  • Activate windows remotely

  • Activate office remotely

  • Bandwidth reshaping per process

  • Digital asset management (Vendors, Contracts, POs) including support contracts renewals and asset transition tracking

  • Terminate Idle applications after certain period of time based on policies

  • Built-in remote tool

  • Control printing using policies like user quota, printers while/black lists, color printing prevention

  • Role based access for administrators

  • Software compliance by comparing managed endpoints by a reference image or configuration

  • Privilege access management on managed endpoints

  • Application white/black listing

  • Application behavior analytics and sandboxing integration

  • Block IP Address

  • Block TCP Port

  • Block UDP Port

  • Block Domain Name

  • Collected failed security events in real-time

  • MDM supports BYOD, COPE and system services through OEM installations

  • MDM supports ringing, messaging devices, locking devices, mute devices remotely

  • MDM supports location tracking with geo fencing capabilities

  • MDM supports remote and enterprise wipe

  • MDM supports enterprise store for work profiles

  • MDM supports application Black/White listing

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